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At The Quake, we pride ourselves on delivering unique content live on air. But we know not everyone can tune in to hear our hosts' work live. That's why we record our shows so everyone has a chance to listen in and rock out with us!


Quarantined Quakers

Host Nick Wiget invites guests onto the show remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. He and his guests talk about their new normal lives, how they have been impacted, and their role at WC.

Country Power Hour

All of your favorite genres and eras of country music melded into one power hour. Hosted by Josh Woodward.

Hands-On Gardening

Host Brad Schwarmberger shares his advice and insight to make the perfect garden.

HOG Show 1
00:00 / 29:33
Show 2
00:00 / 30:08
Show 3
00:00 / 31:57
Show 4
00:00 / 29:57
Show 5
00:00 / 30:06

Around the Quake

The Quake's version of the ESPN program, "Around the Horn." Contestants each week will answer sports-related trivia questions for the sake of winning it all. Hosted by Logan Hayes.

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