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Our Hosts Have Something to Say

The Quake is open to all members of the Wilmington College community: students, faculty, staff, and even alumni!

We asked some of our staff members to give personal testimonies regarding our rule-breaking radio station. What did they like? Why did they join? What does a student-owned and operated radio station mean to them?

And, because our staff is full of amazing people, they answered! Read what a few of our radio hosts have to say about their experiences within the official Wilmington College radio.

"Music is an avenue for the Sacred to enter and transform our hearts, making us better people. The gift of working in a community forum such as The Quake brings the gift of hope, laughter, and love to those we serve. Radio is crucial to hold people together in remarkable ways, spreading words and sounds of courage, knowledge, and hope to the wider community—sometimes a community that is lost and lonely until that magical spark enters their home from our tiny space called The Quake.”

-Nancy McCormick

“I joined because the idea of a radio station piqued my curiosity. I never had a radio show before, and I thought it would be a way for me to express myself and have a creative outlet. It's something to look forward to every week, and I get to share this with one of my best friends who is my co-host.”

-Hannah Swepston

“The Quake has offered me a wonderful outlet for artistic, intellectual, and all-around creative expression while also challenging the mainstream sound waves of Midwestern Ohio.”

-Roman Kirshner

“I like being a part of The Quake because it’s fun to learn about radio equipment and to learn about what a radio host does. I really do appreciate this opportunity because I never thought in a million years, I would want to try hosting a radio show with my friend Kendra, who I also appreciate being a part of ‘Disney Dudettes’ with me.”

-Maya Wahrhaftig

“The Quake is one of the most unique groups on campus because it welcomes with zeal every member of the WC community to join its staff. You can be an agriculture student, an athletic trainer, a campus minister, or even a mathematician like myself—any student can walk into that studio and make original content.”

-Layne Frederick

"I joined The Quake after Nick Wiget expressed interest in starting a radio station on campus. I had about two years of radio experience under my belt before The Quake started up, and I've been with it since its inception. I never could have imagined that we would be absolutely shredding it at this point. I have fun, I get to listen to my kind of music, and it helps to know that some people out there actually care about what I'm saying over the air and are dedicated to listening to not only me, but everyone involved."

-Sam Stanley

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